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You watch your toddler laugh incessantly while playing with a toy you bought her. And you think to yourself with pride, “I’ve got this parenting thing down!” #winning

Then, you discover that the toy she’s fallen in love with just so happens to be an educational one. #doublewin

Research shows that your child’s first five years are extremely important for her brain’s development. In fact, her first three years are particularly critical for shaping her brain’s architecture.

For these reasons, it only makes sense to give her toys that will actually help her brain while keeping her entertained.

The challenge? There are so many pointless cheap toys out there, and knowing which ones to avoid can be difficult.

Here’s a rundown on 13 awesome educational toys for toddlers that you can find on Amazon.

Let’s dig in!

1. Educational Toys for Toddlers Include Building Blocks

The best part about building a tall tower of Melissa & Doug wooden blocks? Watching and hearing these blocks come tumbling down, of course.

These blocks are among the best learning toys for toddlers, as they target the following skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Motor skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Spatial relations
  • Sequential skills

They also teach children self-regulation skills, as your child can learn how to calm herself down when frustrated by falling blocks.

The blocks come in a variety of shapes, like arches and half circles. With these toys, young children can build buildings and towers, all while developing their basic math skills.

2. Zebra Walker

A Fisher-Price zebra-themed walker is an excellent way to get young kids walking quickly.

It’s ideal for babies as young as 6 months, and kids as old as 3 years, as it doubles as a learning station. For instance, your child can flip switches and twist dials to improve her fine motor skills and learn about letters and numbers.

All in all, this is an excellent toy option for simultaneously exercising the bodies and brains of young children.

3. Mega Blocks

If your child loves to use her imagination, Mega Blocks are good toys for doing just that.

With these educational toys for toddlers, your child can easily take apart and stack blocks for hours on end.

These blocks, which come in a range of colors and shapes, are perfect for building her critical thinking and motor skills. In fact, as she grows older, she can use them to create even more intricate block creations, so it’s sure to keep her entertained in the years ahead as well.

4. Learning Kit

If your child is headed to preschool soon, a Teach My Toddler kit is a great toy for giving her the leg up that she needs.

Both kids and parents love the comprehensive kit because it teaches numbers, colors, letters and shapes in a fun, interactive way. Young kids can also develop their hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning skills with this educational toy.

5. Activity Desk

The VTech deluxe activity desk is ideal for your child if you’re looking for a toy that is filled with learning content. It’s a fun toy for kids who are 2 years old or older.

With this toy, your child can develop her fine motor skills by drawing on its built-in chalkboard, or pressing music player buttons to listen to 20-plus melodies. She can also master her colors, fruits, letters, numbers and counting skills.

6. Scribble Toy

LeapFrog’s Scribble and Write toy remains a popular option among parents who want their children to hone their writing skills quickly.

With this toy, children can master writing both numbers and letters, developing their fine motor skills in the process. They’ll use a stylus to practice holding a pencil and then work their way up from scribbling to writing in no time.

In the end, this toy should make writing a lot more fun for your child. And since this may lead to fewer tantrums, it’ll make the process a lot more fun for you, too.

7. First Blocks for Baby

These types of blocks by Fisher-Price are just as exciting to toddlers today as they were decades ago.

Your child will enjoy dropping these classic, colorful, straightforward blocks through a lid that allows her to sort them by shape. It’s a great way to build her problem-solving skills, as well as her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

An added bonus? The toy comes with a convenient handle that makes it great for on-the-go entertainment. You can’t beat that for your little one.

8. Activity Cube

The VTech activity cube is yet another educational toy that is excellent for keeping your child busy.

This toy teaches animal sounds, animal names, numbers, and shapes. What makes this toy so fun is its many interactive features. Your child will enjoy pressing, spinning and twisting various parts of the toy.

Also, the activity cube plays delightful music while in motion, so it’s wonderful for encouraging your baby to begin crawling.

9. Apps Tablet

Children who enjoy technology will no doubt enjoy the VTech apps tablet, which makes for a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

The apps tablet is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 5. The device boasts a music-playing keyboard for your budding pianist. It also has alphabet buttons and an exciting screen that changes colors.

Whether you’d like your child to learn math, matching, counting or letters, you can trust this handy tablet to get the job done, complete with sound effects and cute animations.

The app is extremely parent-friendly as well, as it comes with an auto shut-off as well as volume control. This makes it a wonderful gift for your entire family.

10. Carnival Toy

If your child is ready for a good time, the next best thing to going to a carnival is bringing the carnival home to her.

Infantino’s interactive big top-themed toy is a sure way to help your child to have a blast while exploring the carnival scene, thanks to the fun effects and noises from the toy’s cannon, teeter-totter and popcorn popper.

Most importantly, the toy is designed to teach your child cause and effect, as well as to boost her hand-eye coordination. So, it’s hands-down a great choice for the education-minded parent and the fun-loving toddler.

11. Kids’ Toolbox

Got a future construction worker on your hands? She’ll love the VTech drill plus toolbox.

This toolbox is an excellent way to get your toddler role-playing with a toddler-friendly toy drill, screws, nails, a hammer and a wrench.

The drill spins both drill screws and gears into the holes of an electronic tray. Your child can easily build her motor skills with this toy while learning about how various tools work and what sounds they produce.

Your child can even insert instruction cards to learn about numbers and colors while doing her pretend construction jobs. It’s a win-win for both you and her.

12. Learning Remote

Again, if your child loves playing with technology, the LeapFrog Scout’s lights remote will keep her preoccupied enough to stay away from your real remote control.

The remote control will introduce your child to her first words, numbers, shapes, and colors. It comes with more than 10 lights and bright colors, which makes it a handy toy for getting both toddlers and babies to explore.

The remote control also comes with more than 65 songs, audio responses, and tunes. With the simple push of a button, your child can hear a number song or a counting song anytime she’d like.

13. Sports Center

If you have a future athlete in the making, look no further than VTech’s sports center — a childhood staple for the active toddler.

This sport-themed toy comes with a basketball hoop plus a soccer net. It’s perfect for building your child’s motor skills and getting her interested in physical activity at an early age.

The toy’s animated light-emitting diode scoreboard plays motivational phrases, sounds and animations, and it also counts baskets for your child. In addition, your child can learn about sounds, numbers and shapes with the toy’s various buttons.

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