Reading Eggs App Review

Reading Eggs Review

We’ve collected all the information you need in this Reading Eggs review. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s crack on!

What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is an educational reading program for kids that is accessed online. The goal is to teach reading skills to children from the age of 2 to 13.

Technology plays a big part with this program with it only being available on the computer, or via apps on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Sound, videos, pictures, and games are all part of the 120 interactive lessons to keep things entertaining, colorful and engaging. They also offer a range of book packs, which complement the online lessons.

The program was developed by a team of teachers, writers, animators and web developers. Their combined experience has helped to create a unique program that is not only full of all the needed methods and strategies for learning to read but also is attractive to look at and easy to navigate.

Although the program was designed in Australia, the online voices are not in Aussie English. So you won’t be hearing any “G’day mate” from your kids anytime soon!

ABC Reading Eggs Pricing

The ABC Reading Eggs program has three pricing tiers:

1. For an all-access month by month subscription, it is $12.99 per month. With full access to ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Reading Eggspress, and ABC Mathseeds.

2. For a yearly all-access subscription, you can pay $94.99 up front, which works out to $7.92 a month (saving you about $60 when compared to the month by month subscription). With access to ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Reading Eggspress, and ABC Mathseeds.

3. For use of the reading materials only, a yearly subscription is $79.95 upfront, which works out to only $6.70 per month. This gives you access to ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Reading Eggspress, but does not give you access to ABC Mathseeds.

If you’re looking for a long-term reading program for your kids, the best value seems to be the yearly subscriptions. They also offer a nice 50% discount for your second child (available for all pricing tiers).

If you’re unsure whether your kids will fit in with the program or not, there is a no obligation free trial. Why not try it out and see how it goes? We all love a freebie!

“Egg-cellent” Features

As you can see in the pricing tiers, the ABC Reading Eggs program is divided into 4 parts. Each component features quizzes so that you can track your child’s progress. After your child completes a quiz, you will receive an email with a personalized overview of their progress.

Throughout each section, a healthy coverage of early reading skills is taught. Let’s have a look at each section and the features included.

Reading Eggs Junior (Age 2-4)

Don’t worry, your child doesn’t need prior knowledge to start. The program commences at an absolute beginner level.

More than teaching a two-year-old to read, this section is designed to start teaching preschoolers pre-reading skills. For instance, the alphabet, recognizing letters, and understanding sounds by using phonics. The program features many videos, games and simple online books.

Reading Eggs (Age 3-7)

Between the ages of 3-7, a child would usually start learning to read. This is a crucial moment for your child to start a good foundation in reading.

This level teaches them to read and write simple sentences, build up their vocabulary and more. The program also includes spelling exercises to reinforce their reading skills.

Reading Eggspress (Age 7-13)

After your child has learned basic reading skills in the previous component, this section will help them to build on that foundation. The lessons are designed to improve your child’s reading comprehension and enhance their skills.

Mathseeds (Age 3-9)

Mathseeds is a program to help teach basic math skills from preschoolers to second grade.

Online E-Book Library

This online library includes a huge amount of online books that can be freely read at any given time. As your child progresses through the levels, more books will be unlocked and available for reading.

Pros and Cons

As in all educational programs, there are pros and cons. Although, to be honest, good often outweighs the bad with the Reading Eggs program.

ABC Reading Eggs really brings the fun into reading! Because it’s an enjoyable experience, your kids may be more self-motivated to keep going with the program.

However, some games are strictly fun, with no educational value or hidden lessons. But you could argue that your kid needs a break from time to time. It all depends on your personal view.

As noted before, the fun aspect of the program will keep your kids motivated. As they go through lessons, they receive golden eggs which they can spend on a variety of rewards.

This puts the kids in charge of their own progress. So you don’t need to be hanging over their shoulder throughout their lessons. But it is always good to be there during the initial set-up.

For instance, when picking the right reading level, a placement test needs to be filled in. If your child correctly guesses a few answers, they may be put into a higher level and not benefit fully from the program. Once the test is complete, it can be almost impossible to go back and change the reading level.

The price is comparable to many other online reading programs. But can become pricier if you opt for the printed activity books. However, they are regularly offering deals and discounts, which can balance the costs.


Yes, it sounds good, but you might have a few questions. Read on to find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How does the program work?

The ABC Reading Eggs program starts from the basics and increases their reading skills step by step. The curriculum focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. These five key areas are all covered in the program.

Does the program include writing skills?

The online program is focused on reading more than writing. But the ABC Reading Eggs Activity Books, which can be purchased separately, are designed to be used alongside the online program. These books can aid in connecting their reading and writing skills.

Can the program help a child who has reading difficulties?

For children with reading difficulties, repetition is essential to success. The easy to use program is jam-packed full of fun games and activities, so children will enjoy repeating them as many times as they need. They can also progress at their own rate, without any time limits or pressure.

How can you track a child’s progress?

At the end of each “map” or section, your child will need to complete a quiz. After the quiz is complete, you, as the parent, will receive a personalized email. This will describe the progress and abilities of your child.

Your child will also have a personal dashboard online which displays an overview of their learning. For instance, how many books they’ve read, and which level they are on.

Reading Eggs Review – The Verdict!

So, is is it a yes or no from us? It’s a big yes!

ABC Reading Eggs market themselves by saying: “ABC Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. And it really works…your child can learn to read right now.”

The reality is, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s entertaining, educational and covers all bases. And when you explore the program thoroughly, you’ll see it’s worth every cent.

The comprehensive lessons will give your child all the essential skills they need for learning to read. But they don’t just teach the bare minimum, they train your child in skills that’ll enable them to read to understand, and not be left scrambling.

The program itself is designed to be fun. But is it too much fun? We don’t think so.

After some challenging, yet enjoyable lessons, your child will get well-deserved rewards in the form of golden eggs, games, and more. They deserve a reward for their efforts. It’s basically a fun way to say “well done”!

Reading Eggs have received some praiseworthy reviews from kids, parents and even teachers. If you’re still unsure, try out a free trial and see for yourself!

Happy to Help

We hope this Reading Eggs review has helped to give you a full overview of the program. Because when it comes to education, there is a lot out there. It can be confusing to know what’s legit and what’s not.