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The introduction of math skills at an early age helps the child to succeed in elementary education. It also creates a foundation for the learner’s success at higher levels of learning. Ideally, children start to grasp simple mathematical concepts at the age of three.

The initial lessons should focus on teaching the children terminology and the primary principles applicable in the classroom. Once the learners have an idea, the teacher can implement the concepts using scenarios related to the child’s real life.

Math apps have made learning more comfortable for the modern kid. They interact with the learner from an interesting approach making the lessons fun. Let us evaluate some of the best math apps for kids which can be useful to your youngster.

1. Bugs and Buttons 2

This app presents kids with 18 entertaining and educative activities. It provides a considerable collection of games which keep the player occupied and excited while learning mathematical skills. Kids can play in automatic mode which guides them in exploring the games, or they can play on their own.

Bugs and Buttons 2 improves the learner’s ability to count, sort, balance, pinch, and to recognize letters, shapes, and body parts. The gameplay is adaptive. It allows the user to advance gradually without getting frustrated.

In the multiple-user mode, many kids can compete using one device and compare their scores and awards. Most of the learning process is straightforward, but the game provides visual instructions to improve the user experience. The app is suitable for kids above four years.


  • The app doesn’t collect user’s personal information and does not allow third-party ads.
  • Bugs and Buttons 2 has advanced graphics which provide a fascinating environment for gaming.


  • Some toddlers find it difficult to play or get bored quickly.

2. Math Slicer

If your kid can’t seem to understand elementary math concepts, you should try this app. Math Slicer teaches the user addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers in an exciting way. When played repetitively, the learner becomes a quick solver of mental calculations.

The game’s objective is to enhance the user’s ability to reason and apply logic for a faster mental response. It is suitable for building the analytical thinking of the learner in Kindergarten and upper grades.

Math Slicer presents different themes, many slicers, and various levels for people of different ages. It is an appropriate tool for sharpening the thinking ability of students and grownups as well.


  • The user can play the game for years since there are levels for older people.
  • Players earn credits which they can use to purchase resources for playing the game instead of using in-app purchases.


  • The numbers at which numbers fly can be too fast for a beginning kid.

3. Medieval Math Battle

Learning mathematical principles and memorizing them can be frustrating for beginners. Medieval Math Battle requires little kids to learn arithmetic operations so that they can apply them while playing the game. The player has to respond quickly to overcome the enemies in the game.

Kids who play this game repetitively become smart and fast in handling mental math problems. Medieval Math Battle uses advanced algorithms to learn the kid’s ability and match them with appropriate challenges.

Since math is the weapon for protecting the medieval kingdom, more playing means more learning. The kid stays engaged and excited while improving his or her arithmetic skills.

As a parent, you will be pleased to know that your kid is not playing Medieval Math Battle for entertainment alone, but for education too.


  • The game presents challenges which match the kid’s intellect and provides scorecards for self-evaluation.
  • Medieval Math Battle offers 15 free minutes of practice every day.


  • The game can be slow for kids with experience in gaming.

4. Simply Fractions

Operating with fractions can be troublesome to kids and adults. Simply Fractions is a game for fourth grade and above which teaches students to perform calculations with fractions visually.

With the help of images, students can compare different fractions and figure out which ones are bigger than others. Lessons include adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions with whole numbers, and solving word problems. Learners can also convert fractions to decimals and vice versa and locate them on the number line.

The lite version of Simply Fractions has two mini activities while the full version has eight. None of them supports ads by third parties.


  • Images help learners to understand how to perform arithmetic operations involving fractions easier than by reading books.
  • The app is excellent for adults who wish to refresh their knowledge of fractions, and it doesn’t contain ads.


  • Some users don’t feel a significant difference after upgrading their app.

5. Lola’s Math Train

This exciting app has six mathematical challenges. It has a friendly user interface with high definition graphics and engaging animations. The player accompanies Lola in a journey filled with interactive characters and bright colors.

Lola’s Math Train involves creative ways of solving problems which hone the mathematical aptitude of the player. The kid encounters puzzles as well as challenges which require adding and subtracting numbers.

The game uses artificial intelligence to introduce new levels depending on the user’s previous success. The user practices various math operations alongside enjoying the game. Lola’s Math Train is a match for kids between three and seven years.


  • The app is suitable for kids of varying ages and supports six languages.
  • Many parents vouch for the game saying that they noted an improvement in their kids after they started using playing the app.


  • It hangs in some devices when you open advanced levels.

6. Farm 123

One of the most captivating educational apps is Farm 123 by Story Toys. The user can open pop-up scenes in the same way as turning the pages of a book. Kids enjoy counting numbers as they help Jo to perform duties in his farm.

The game has pleasant images and sweet tunes coupled with great sound effects to keep the kid entertained. Players earn stars along the way which motivate them to proceed.

Elementary kids learn numbers using this app free of stress. The entertainment bit of Farm 123 is chasing animals, putting them in their respective enclosures, and cleaning them. The player watches cows leaping, pigs splashing in the mud, and eggs hatching into chicks.


  • The multi-lingual app supports seven languages all with professional narrations.
  • Farm 123 has exciting activities to keep the kid occupied while learning different maths skills.


  • The app demands full network access which can result in the download of unintended content and draining the battery of the device.

7. Monkey Math School Sunshine

Designed for learners between three and six, Monkey Math School Sunshine helps lay a foundation for kids in mathematics. It keeps them continuously entertained as they learn how to count, sort, and add numbers. The app offers nine interactive games which the kid can launch by pressing one button.

Monkey Math uses machine learning to adjust the challenges for the player. A funny monkey gives direction through the obstacles and congratulates the player for correct answers. It also offers some guidance when the kid goes wrong.

Among the useful features of the app are add it up, take it away, shapes, patterns, sequences, connect the dots, write it up, bubble pop, less or more, and bigger or smaller. There are hours of engaging lessons which can help a kid to explore various math facts.


  • Monkey Math School Sunshine has plenty of activities to keep the kid engaged.
  • The app presents cute graphics, and the instructions are concise and clear.


  • A few users have reported difficulty in using the game controls for some activities.

8. Monster Math

This teaching app imparts about 70 mathematical skills to the user. It makes learning for Grade 1 to 5 kids fast and enjoyable. Users learn basic math as they explore different environments with exciting characters and exciting tasks.

Monster Math adapts to the kid’s ability and presents balanced challenges. The app has games designed for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, manipulating fractions and decimals, and geometry

The kid learns these concepts through games and a collection of tutorials. The app employs a multi-learning system to direct students with difficulties to the right answer. In the end, kids improve their reasoning, perfect their arithmetic skills, and get entertained.


  • The app performs a skill-specific analysis and sends you weekly emails to help you track the progress of your kid.
  • Monster Math has plenty of games and tutorials.


  • Some older models of smartphones cannot run the app.

Best Math Apps for Kids – Conclusion

Learners can have a rough time in academics without skills like number sense and fundamental arithmetic operations. You can help your kid to learn the basics of math through an educational app for mathematics. Learning becomes smoother whether you download a free app or you subscribe to a paid service.

The apps provide a conducive environment for learning since the presentation of the underlying principles is entertaining. As kids play with educational apps, they encounter challenges involving logic.

It is through solving the problems that they become sharper and more adapted to mathematics. You can find these and more best math apps for kids at an app store.

Be sure to continue reading our blog for more educational apps.