If your child is among the 42% of kids that have their own tablet device, then you will definitely want to hear about what Amazon’s Freetime Unlimited service brings to the table. .

What Is Amazon Freetime Unlimited?

Amazon has created an all-in-one subscription service that’s just for kids. With it, you will receive access to popular, age-appropriate movies, television programs, games, books and more.

Many of the most watched networks, including Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Disney, and PBS have partnered with Amazon to provide youngsters with a wide selection featuring their all-time favorite kid-friendly characters.

In addition, with Amazon Freetime Unlimited, you can access parental controls that allow you to control the content on your child’s devices.

Parents can set limits on what their kids are permitted to watch, but they also have the ability to do a lot more. You can determine how much screen time kids get. And, you can set educational goals for your little ones to work towards, too.

Parents are given the option to filter content and manage web browsing based on their own personal suggestions and preferences.

How Does This Service Help Parents?

Today’s parents are constantly faced with the dilemma of manning their kids’ social media accounts, digital content, and reading material. Anyone who has ever attempted this task will tell you that it’s not always easy. But, with Freetime Unlimited, Amazon is attempting to change that.

Now, parents are given more options than ever before.

With this service, many of the problems that parents deal with are offered a compact solution. For instance, you don’t have to worry about your most innocent family members viewing content that’s not meant for little eyes and ears. And, you can set a limit that ensures they aren’t spending more time than they should on-screen.

Best of all, there are custom educational apps for children of all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens.

What’s Available With Freetime Unlimited?

Parents love the fact that kids are still given lots of choices, so they can play games, watch shows, and read the stuff they love the most.

Plus, there are hundreds of book titles included, accommodating every child’s preferred genre and tailored to meet their exact reading level. With so many great reads right at their fingertips, even the youngest readers will never run out of books to add to their wishlist. It’s like having an entire library full of books available all day every day.

Their reading apps make it easy to encourage reading and it makes it possible for kids to read the material of their choice.

There are also tons of games available for download. Most have been created to aid in intellectual development, such as loads of exciting math apps available for download. But, they’re also a lot of fun, too.

Amazon’s preferred devices deliver high-quality content, cutting-edge graphics, and cool animations. So, even though they are learning all of the skills you crave, they won’t be missing out on the latest and greatest modern-day digital technology perks enjoyed by their friends.

What’s Not to Love?

You might be wondering how there could be anything not to love about a service that gives you as much as this one appears to.

Luckily, the drawbacks, if you would actually consider them as such, are few and far between.

You might expect that Amazon would require that you use only their trademark devices to subscribe to their Freetime Unlimited service. But, this isn’t the case, either.

In addition to the Kindle devices, including their best-selling Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, it’s also compatible with Android and iOS devices as well. Although it will require you to download the Kindle app to access all of the great stuff that’s included. Of course, most of today’s devices come with the app, so this isn’t much of an inconvenience for most users.

However, there are some benefits that come with using Amazon products. One of the reasons that many parents choose the Kindle kids edition for their kids is that they feature rugged, break-resistant device options that were created with children in mind.

Another great plus for Amazon devices is that it is compatible with Kindle Fire controls and their smart home devices, such as Echo, too.

How Much You Will Pay for Everything That’s Included in the Freetime Unlimited Service?

The only thing that you may not love about the service is that it comes at a cost, albeit a small one.

Believe it or not, the service doesn’t cost as much as you might expect to pay for all that’s packed into the deal.

After Amazon’s free trial, prices start at just $2.99 a month for Amazon Prime members. If you aren’t a member of Prime, however, you’ll pay a slightly higher amount. Non-prime users are charged $6.99 per month.

If you have more than one child, prices may vary.

You can also choose to pay annually. For Prime members, the once-a-year charge is $83 dollars. And, the non-Prime members can pay for a year’s worth of Freetime Unlimited at a cost of $119 bucks.

If you choose to pay annually, your service will continue for twelve full months after the payment is received. And, you will be charged a one-time lump sum when you enter into the service agreement.

While it might not be free, the price is not too bad when you consider all that you will get. Especially when you take into consideration the costs of books, movies, and other digital services that you may already be purchasing.

Once you pay either your annual or monthly fee, you’ll get a long list of films, shows, books, and games that might otherwise cost much more if bought separately.

Most of today’s families are already spending at least this much, and probably a lot more, to get the type of digital merchandise that’s included in Amazon’s Freetime package. Often, a single movie rental per month will be more than