Q: What is HelpKidsLearn.org?

Boy with goggles
Wayne’s son with his learning goggles on!

HelpKidsLearn.org was created by Wayne Teran to help parents find educational apps, games, toys, and more for their kids.

Wayne Teran is a parent himself (two kids!), and he holds an MS in Technical Communication. He loves education and is continually evaluating how technology can help kids learn.

If you have questions for HelpKidsLearn.org, please send an email or reach out to us through Facebook.

Q: How does HelpKidsLearn.org make money?

HelpKidsLearn.org is an independent website, which means Wayne or other writers research and review all apps, games, toys, etc.

If you decide to click on a link to anything we write about and buy it, we may receive a small share of the purchase (they call it an “affiliate relationship”). Don’t worry though, these relationships do not affect our opinion of any app, game, toy, etc. We write what we want to write about. That’s it.