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Amazon Freetime Unlimited Review

You've heard so much about it already, but it's time for an official Amazon Freetime Unlimited review. Is it worth it? Keep reading to see what we decided.
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Fidget Toys for Toddlers

Fidget toys can be a great way to help kids calm down. Read on to learn about the best fidget toys for toddlers.
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16 Easy STEM Activities for Kids

Science, technology, engineering, and math don't have to be a snore. Read here to learn 16 STEM activities for kids you can do at home or in the classroom.
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13 Awesome Educational Toys for Toddlers (and Where to Buy Them)

You watch your toddler laugh incessantly while playing with a toy you bought her. And you think to yourself with pride, "I've got this parenting thing down!" #winning Then,...
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The Best Educational Shows on PBS

The PBS channel has been around since 1970. It stands as one of the only free television channels available on televisions all over the United States. But the PBS...
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8 Unique Arts and Crafts Ideas for Toddlers (and Older Kids)

Finding new crafts for toddlers can be difficult. They need to be challenging but not boring. Need some fresh ideas? Read about how to get started right here.
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How to Help Keep Your Child Reading at Home

Are you having trouble getting your children to read for fun at home? You are, unfortunately, not alone! There has been a big decline in the number of kids...
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9 Fun Indoor Games for Kids (Keep Their Minds and Bodies Busy!)

There's a lot of emphasis put on the health benefits of spending time outdoors for our children. But even the most determined of us has to admit that there are days when you just...
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17 Outstanding Educational Baby Games (Both Online and DIY)

Playtime is serious business when you're a baby. But how can you maximize the benefit your child gets from the games they play? We're glad you asked. What follows...
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The 18 Best Kindle Apps for Toddlers

We adults love our tablets, but they can be great for kids too. Kindle for kids doesn't just mean leaving them to watch cartoons online. With a ton of great educational apps available, we...